Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Trailer Services for Supersized Machinery and Heavy Loads

Part of owning heavy mining, farm, or well equipment is having to transport it from one job to the next. Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. is your Texas-sized source for everything related to moving oversized shipments. We can place your large front loader, dump, or harvester onto the right trailer and deliver it to the service depot, a neighboring farm, or the auction house when it is time to sell. We maintain the contacts and certifications required to make the move without delay.

A Heavy Haul Trailer Prepared for the Journey

If you are scheduling completed equipment for transfer from the factory to the installation location, you will need a heavy haul trailer designed for the specific purpose. Whether the load needs 12, 13, or 14 axles, a steerable dolly, or an extendable trailer, we maintain all types of equipment in our shed. We also maintain and repair all our own trucks and trailers, so they are ready for work when you are. Worried about low hanging wires or tight turns? Our logistics department will double check the route and take steps to clear the road before your load is passing by.

Relocation Services for Your New Oil or Wind Expansion Project

We have worked with numerous oil and wind companies throughout the nation, so when you have a tower that needs moving, we know exactly what needs to be done. We have the Schnauble trailers, step decks, and even a Schuerle dual lane able to take on tall, wide, and extremely heavy loads. Worried about navigating narrow streets or remote fields? Everything is possible when you have the will and our expertise on hand.

Think ahead and call Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. today and be fully prepared when the day arrives for the big move.