Hauling Service

No Challenge too Big for Our Hauling Service to Tackle

Did your business just complete the construction of a module for the next major infrastructure improvement? Is there a mining or farming vehicle that is being sold or transferred to a different location? How do you move it all? Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. has the answers. We are a hauling service that specializes in every kind of supersized, overweight cargo you could imagine. From wind towers to oil rigs and everything in between, we can create a plan to get it there.

Transportation Services with the Right Flatbeds and Specialized Trailers

Your haul starts with determining what type of trailer is needed for the job. Our transportation services begin with an appraisal of the object or objects and then take into consideration the projected path to its destination. We can match up the haul with the roads, bridges, wires, and other obstacles that might slow you down. Working with public safety departments and logistics experts, we will help to clear the path to deliver your valuable piece right on schedule.

Helping You to Complete Your Construction or Infrastructure Project

If other hauling companies said they don't have the correct equipment, we likely do. Our inventory includes step and stretch decks, push/pull tractors, and rear-steer dollies. Our Schnauble trailer is able to be extended to accommodate your overly long part while still able to take tighter turns. Knowing how to effect a big haul is half the challenge, supported by investing in the proper equipment. Our shop services all of our own trailers and tractors, so we are always ready to come to your aid.

Give Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. a call today to start the process of moving your heavy haul today.