Heavy Moving Services

Keep Your Project on Track with Heavy Moving Services

It isn't every day that you get to plan the erection of your next wind turbine or add a new oil well to your field. Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. can make it easier with the proper heavy moving services. Licensed and insured to operate on small town roads or federal highways, we can match your machinery with the trailer required to support its weight and dimensions. We have worked with a variety of leaders in industry throughout Texas, and look forward to creating new relationships with growing businesses.

Supporting Industry with the Right Trailers and Training for the Job

Not every heavy equipment moving services company boasts a Schnauble trailer or powered dollies. We have all of them available at our yard. We also service and repair all of our trucks, which means when we encounter a challenge during the move, we have the personnel and equipment to overcome most kinds of adversity. Through experience, we know that every heavy move is different and our staff take the time to double check each detail before we begin to load your oversized machine or parts run.

Plan Your Next Step with Heavy Equipment Moving Services

After your initial call to the offices of Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc., you will be transferred to our logistics department where we will start the process of bringing together all the people needed for your big day. While your machine is loaded onto one of our trailers, logistics will be coordinating with highway, safety, and government officials to clear the path. All this means that your shipment will pull into the new site on time.
Take the first step and give our office a ring or fill out the contact form to kick start your next heavy haul today.