Moving Transportation Services

Moving Transportation Services for Wind and Oil Parts and Pumps

Is it time to begin to erect the wind tower or install your next oil well? Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. should be your first call, and likely your last, when searching for moving transportation services equipped to handle your project. Our yard is filled with all the proper equipment required to transfer over long, super tall, or excessively heavy loads without hesitation. If you have seen a surprising load riding down the road in Texas, is it likely sitting on one of our familiar dusty yellow and purple trucks.

Moving Services for Your Oversized Shipment

Are you transferring an oversized spool of coiled tubing? Does your mining or drilling equipment need to move to a new location? Everything is possible when you own and operate a huge collection of equipment designed for your purposes. We have the step decks, stretch trailers, and steerable dollies required. Provide our logistics center the specs of your load and we can create a haul schedule that works for you.

Logistics, Service, and the Right Equipment

Our logistics department will coordinate with all your sub contractors and state and federal departments. Not only will we arrive with the right trailer needed for the job, we can schedule the movement of power lines, traffic patterns, and lead vehicles required for safety and expedience. We have extensive experience working with the wind and oil industries, so are able to respond quickly and effectively to your request.

If you are preparing to move your plant or heavy equipment, give us a ring today. Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. looks forward to helping you to grow your business.