Schnauble Trailers

Schnauble Trailers Ready to Navigate more Urban Environments

As farm land continues to be converted into suburbs, dismantling or installing a new wind farm or oil field is becoming more challenging every year. Positioning your equipment after the installation of narrow streets and a web of wires can appear nearly impossible Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. can help make it possible when you hire our Schnauble trailers for the big move. Able to be extended to the length needed for your machinery, their rear-steer dollies help to navigate tight turns that would be impossible with a traditional trailer.

A Haul Trailer Flexible Enough for Your more Compact Installation

When moving oversized units, sometimes height can be a problem when moving down the interstate. Hire a haul trailer like our stretch deck or step decks that have a lower load height, giving you the extra inches needed to clear overhead signs, wires, and bridges. We are even investing in a dual-lane trailer ready to move your modular build with ease.

Stretch Decks, Step Decks, and Power Units

Is your latest unit coming in overweight for your last haul company? Weight is just another challenge we have learned to overcome by adding 4-axle tractors and push/pull units. When you work with our logistics services, we can come up with the right combination of tractor and trailer, support services, and permits you need to make it all happen.

The offices of Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. are located in Fairfield, TX, but our service area extends throughout the state. We can even accomplish and transfer across the country. Give us a call today to discuss your moving challenges.