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At Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. and  Frontier Support Logistics, LLC, a “service first” attitude applies when meeting your freight needs with you and your customers. Reliability and careful handling of your freight needs drives our customer service staff. We ensure your product is handled by safe drivers and equipment ensuring easy, reliable and prompt delivery. We are here to help. Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. and Frontier Support Logistics dedicate themselves to offer a wide range of services to support your business. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we're here to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to obtain a custom quote


Special Road Transports

We specialize in special road transports all across the USA, including 48 states, Canada, and Ontario. Our modern trucks and trailers are equipped to handle any special transport needs you may have.


Large Storage Facilities

Our Fairfield/Hillsboro TX location boasts large storage facilities to accommodate any storage needs you may have.


Foreign Trade Zone

We have been designated as a Foreign Trade Zone, FTZ. This will give maximum flexibility from a customs standpoint. The FTZ is considered outside of US Customs territory, so all activity occurs before the goods have cleared customs, and before customs duties are assessed.

Additionally, goods which have been imported into the FTZ from outside the country, and domestic goods which are brought into the FTZ to be later exported, are exempt from local ad valorem tax by Federal law.


Transloading & Indoor/outdoor Storage

We have developed 150 acres of transload yard that includes 100,000 sq ft of covered storage, 40,000 sq ft of inside storage, with another 500,000 sq ft of inside storage being developed as well as a 400,000 sq ft climate-controlled space with a vapor barrier. Meet Our Transloading Team

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Our Rail is operated by Union Pacific and comes directly into our Transloading yard. We can offload, store and ship directly out of the facility. This allows the customer to have one contact for all transportation needs.

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Asset Trucks & Heavy Haul

We are able to truck product in and out of the Transloading yard with one phone call. We can deliver to most cities in Texas within 3 hours with one phone call. We keep stand-by trucks in the transloading facility for last minute needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee
“Frontier Heavy Haul & Support Inc. aims to customer-satisfy through personalized services.”
Dont't hesitate to contact us!

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